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Cool Excel Year Planner now available for download

A clever and different year planner with a progress thermometer is now available for download as an Excel workbook. The days remaining in the year are visible with weekends shaded and each day of week shown.

At the bottom is a clever use of Excel’s Chart features to make a progress ‘thermometer’ for the year.

Even if you don’t need a year planner, download and check out the worksheet to see how the ‘Big Girls and Boys’ do it.

The ‘Big Boy’ in this case is Office Watch friend ‘Jeff B.’ – Thanks Jeff!

Thermometer ‘chart’ in Excel

The percentage progress begins by calculating how much of the year has passed.  It’s not a simple formula on the Data tab, B20

From there, finding the remainder of the year Data!B21 is simple.

The chart is created from the formula =SERIES(,,Data!$B$20,1) and =SERIES(,,Data!$B$20,1). It’s actually two Stacked Bar charts next to each other.

A fussy way to do it but Microsoft, for some reason, hasn’t provided a simple in-built chart for such an obvious use.

Pull down years

Choose the year from the pull-down in A1, right-click and choose ‘Format Control

Instead of making a pull-down the usual way, Jeff made a control which gives more control (no pun intended) like number of drop-down lines and 3D shading.

How to download

Download the Year Planner workbook here.

Right-click on the link and choose ‘Save link as …’ or ‘Save Target As ..’ depending on your browser.

It’s a standard .xlsx Excel workbook that works in Excel 2007 and later.

The inevitable disclaimer: We’ve checked and rechecked the download for viruses and other nasties. However, you should never take anyone’s word for that and check for yourself.  Windows Defender will automatically check for you.  Don’t run with scissors. Call your mother.

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