OneNote is getting Microsoft CoPilot

Microsoft has confirmed that their AI helper tools, called CoPilot will be added to OneNote. Here’s some ideas of what the AI system will add to OneNote.

CoPilot will be interesting and useful in many ways but the Microsoft Hype ™ is getting way ahead of reality.

The OneNote with CoPilot announcement included the usual marketing hype about “unlock productivity, unleash creativity, and uplevel your skills.” that’s already become clichéd everywhere except inside Microsoft.  Yawn.

What can Copilot do for OneNote?

CoPilot should be able to summarize, rewrite or format notes or documents, Perhaps also add a chart or diagram (Microsoft vaguely talks about ‘visual context’).

Microsoft’s single example looks great because it’s been carefully, shall we say, “curated”.

Source: Microsoft

Copilot makes a party plan then creates a To Do list based on that document.

Other examples from Microsoft:

  • Summarize notes into bullet points on a new page.
  • Generate a list of topics and talking points to be covered in an annual investor update meeting.
  • Plan a spring trip to Paris for me, my partner, and my two teenage children.
  • I’m starting a wholesale coffee bean and roasting company. Give me 10 suggestions for a company name and vision statement.

Don’t forget the human element

What missing is any human intervention.  Copilot might be good (it remains to be seen) but anything it produces needs to be checked and edited.

Even in the promo video, Microsoft says that CoPilot in OneNote makes a list of ‘everything I need to think about’.  ‘Everything’ – surely not. CoPilot might be good but it’s not a mind reader.

Any of the AI tools can be a help or shortcut but not a complete replacement for us carbon based bipeds.

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