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Beware malware in Microsoft Office installations

New malware is spreading under the guise of a Microsoft Office download and installation. Just the latest example of why Office should only be downloaded from Microsoft.

This new way of distributing malware poses as a version of Microsoft Office or Windows activation tool. They might do that but also install nasty intrusions on your computer, as reported in detail by ASEC

Source: ASEC

After running the installation, one of various malware strains (CoinMiner, RAT, Proxy, and AntiAV) are installed though in a very convoluted way.

Source: ASEC

We’ve said it many times over the 20+ years of Office Watch – ONLY download Microsoft Office from Microsoft. In the olden days, from an original CD/DVD.

There are many ways to buy a Product Key to activate Office or Windows, see Ultra-cheap Microsoft Office deals, are they legal and work? .

The download and installation should always come from Microsoft because you can be sure of getting the latest release without any nasty malware surprises.

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