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Import EML MSG and OFT files with Outlook (new)

The new Outlook for Windows can now import messages saved in single files as .eml .msg or .opt formats.

Like most ‘new’ features in new Outlook for Windows, it’s really a catch-up feature to match something in the existing Outlook for Windows.

All three formats are ways to save emails to single files containing the message plus attachments and message header (From, To, Subject etc).

Open EML, MSG or OFT

All the usual ways to open a file are available.

Open with …

The best way is to right-click on the file then Open with … and choose Outlook (new).

Drag and Drop

Or select the file in Explorer and drag it into the reading pane of Outlook (new).


NOT recommended unless you’ve changed the default app for the file type to Outlook (new) in Windows settings.

What to do with the open message

In Outlook (new) the message appears in a separate window. From there you can Reply, Reply All, Forward or save (Copy to) a folder in your mailbox.

What are EML MSG or OFT?

These formats are used to transfer an email either saved to a file or as an attachment to another email.


Used by many mail systems. It’s in plain text (MIME)


Microsoft Outlook’s version of saving an email to a file.


Outlook File Template. Saves an email template formatting for some Outlook software. Really an MSG file with a different CLSID identifier.

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