Microsoft Christmas Clipart


See the updated version of this 2004 article, Christmas images and clipart in Microsoft Office and our ebook Christmas Cheer with Microsoft Office


Microsoft has some Christmas clipart available on their Office website.

Microsoft has some Christmas clipart available on their Office website starting here. Some of the images are a bit too detailed or excessive but a simple candle or graphic might add a bit of whimsy to an otherwise standard document or letter.

For example – highlight some text with a Christmas dove icon in the margin or a Xmas candle.

The clipart is easy to use, hover your mouse over an image and then click the menu bar on the right-hand side. Pull-down the menu and choose Copy. The image is copied to your clipboard for pasting into an email or document. The first time you do this, you’ll have to accept the legal notice and a small ActiveX control is installed.

If you want to grab multiple images, you can select them and download in one load. Below the Copy option is Add to Selection Basket. The number of items in the basket is at the top of image gallery.

You download the images, choose Open on the file and they are loaded into the Office Clip Organizer. Bypass the offer to check your hard drive for media (you probably have better tools for the purpose).

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