Outlook picture viewer

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You get an email with more than one image attachment, but Outlook only lets you open one image at a time. Look no further than “Outlook Picture Viewer” for the solution.

Microsoft adds a nuisance to Office and there’s usually someone out there ready to provide a solution …

In Outlook you get an email with more than one image attachments – that’s fine except you have to open each one individually. You can’t select more than one attachment and open them all at once.

There is the option to save the images to a folder then open them but not to do it directly from Outlook.

Outlook Picture Viewer works by intercepting the file association for image formats like JPG and GIF then passing your viewing request along to the image viewer of your choice. As long as that viewer has the ability to view more than one image (Windows Picture viewer does but others like MS Picture Editor does not) you’ll get a single window open with all the selected images available.

It seems to work nicely and the FAQ covers the configuration options for various incarnations of Office and Windows. $9.95 for the registered version isn’t a lot to ask if this is a particular nuisance for you. There is a shareware trial version available.


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