Symantec's Email Health Check

Symantec has an online ‘health check’ for your email.

Symantec’s free email health check is available at 

It looks at your email system from the security, backup and archiving perspectives.

At the start you’re asked for your name, company, email address and phone number — all are required including company. 

The check works through around 27 questions about the level of email use, importance of email and backups. 

The end result is a score out of 100 for each of email health, backup and archiving.

Symantec Email Health Check results image from Symantec

It’s easy to dismiss this kind of thing as a marketing trick, however the check and even the explicit results are not overtly pushing Symantec products.  Symantec’s name is mentioned, but no specific products.

The requirement for personal / company details (with no mention of a privacy statement that I could see) is an issue.  However, as we’ve said many times in Office Watch, such requests are not taken under oath and you can enter anything you like.

The upside of Symantec’s Email Health Check is that it asks some good and relevant questions about use and care of  email.  While the questions are primarily aimed at corporate users, the issues raised are relevant to anyone who uses email.

Give it a try and consider the results.