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From: Jive Software

Jive Extends its Social Layer Deep into the Enterprise, Wide Across the Firewall, and Out into the Marketplace

  • Jive, the Social Business Software leader, today announced the general availability of Jive Social Business Software (SBS) 4.0.  The new offering is the largest, most ambitious release Jive Software has brought to market since the company first introduced its integrated SBS platform for enterprises.
  • Jive SBS 4.0 enables organizations to extend SBS across every level of an enterprise to literally transform how people work, partner, and address the marketplace. The enhancements and new capabilities in Jive SBS 4.0 reflect the increasing transparency between users’ work and social networking habits – and amplify the strategic advantages inherent in bringing those worlds together. With SBS 4.0, Jive extends SBS further out into the marketplace, deep into the enterprise, wide across the firewall, and out on the road.

Product Highlights:

  • Jive Mobile for the iPhone and Blackberry – This new module allows users to create content and participate in active discussions from the iPhone and/or Blackberry, or any mobile or desktop device with access to email.  The native iPhone application offers a rich experience, giving users full access to Jive SBS functionality in addition to leveraging the unique properties of the iPhone, including integration with your mobile contacts and increased relevancy around location and data syncing. For more information, please see the Jive Mobile press release below:

    • Mobile Press Release

    • Mobile Screenshots
    • Jive Bridging Module – Enterprises need to act more responsive and generate more insight and value from their online customer and partner communities. But these peer-to-peer interactions, both internally and externally, have been historically limited by existing solutions. Jive has added significant enhancements to its Bridging module to let employees capture relevant conversations taking place in their public communities, share them internally, collect and consolidate responses, and go back out across the firewall to post a response. Moving beyond the monitoring or collaboration status quo, Jive Bridging in Jive SBS 4.0 lets users sustain a continuous, bidirectional dialogue with the people around whom their business is centered.

  • Jive Connects for Microsoft Office – The Jive Microsoft Office Connector enables Jive SBS 4.0 users to work on any Microsoft Office document, spreadsheet or presentation in Jive or on their desktop. When users create and save Office content on their desktop it is automatically published to Jive where the content is rendered for viewing and commenting directly from the browser. Additionally, users can view and reply to comments made in the browser directly from the plug-in in Microsoft Office. The Jive Microsoft Office Connector further improves team productivity by enabling document co-authoring, allowing multiple contributors to make comments and changes to an Office file simultaneously with automatic synchronization of each other’s changes. For example, one user can work on the graphics of a PowerPoint presentation while another is working on the script and see changes in the file as they happen. The Jive Microsoft Office Connector also eliminates reliance on email to share and review content by making it easy for any authorized user to access every saved document.

  • Jive Analytics Module – The Jive Analytics Module provides a powerful set of tools for community managers to quickly quantify and characterize the growth and success of their communities. A comprehensive set of key community activity reports is presented via the analytics console, including reports on adoption, participation, and top content, spaces, groups and users.  The reports also serve as templates than can easily be customized through an intuitive interface to meet the specific measurement needs of individual customers and specific business questions.  Jive Analytics extends the comprehensive data warehouse of end-user activity captured by the Jive SBS platform. This rich collection of data gives community managers and business users significant visibility into community dynamics.
  • Jive SBS Foundational Improvements:  As users networking and collaboration needs have evolved, Jive has continued to lead the market in developing enterprise-level capabilities to drive broad SBS adoption. Jive SBS 4.0 takes that commitment one step further, adding several enhancements to the core Jive SBS functionality that address evolving enterprise-wide SBS usability, scalability, security and privacy requirements. Some of those enhancements include:

    • Improved content organization and presentation capabilities enhance the entire experience for creating, discovering and sharing information within Jive SBS. This in turn accelerates content creation and allows people to easily identify and respond to critical business issues. 
    • A streamlined new user experience improves community adoption rates and reduces the need for new user training while speeding their use of new and hidden features within Jive SBS.
    • Performance, administration, and scalability improvements assure a quality experience for all users, which contribute to community adoption and growth while providing administrators with the tools required to maintain and improve a global community.
    • To learn more about these enhancements, go to http://www.jivesoftware.com/products/whats-new.

Jive Commentary

  • “With Jive SBS 4.0, we are introducing our most ambitious set of innovations since the product’s inception in 2006,” said Dave Hersh, CEO of Jive Software.  “This is primarily in response to a tremendous hunger in the market for a Social Business Software solution that goes deeper into their work lives.”
  • “We are truly experiencing a second wave of adoption,” Hersh added.  “For the past few years, many companies watched from the sidelines to see how this space would play out.  Now, it is undeniable – the business value is there, the demand from customers, employees and partners is there, and with Jive SBS 4.0, the solutions meet the needs of even the most complex and sophisticated global enterprise.”
  • “To convince some of our key leaders to adopt Jive, we needed to show them some powerful features that would significantly improve the way they work,” said Jennifer Bouani, Manager of Interactive Communications at Manheim, the world’s largest auto reseller.  “With Microsoft Office and SharePoint integrations, we have exactly what we need.  The new analytics offerings allow us to effectively measure our approach to community-building and communications to ensure we meet our business goals.”
  • “Jive’s new SBS 4.0 shows what a high performance workplace really looks like,” said Andrew Easton, Head of Architecture of Bupa, a leading health and care company with 52,000 employees and over 10 million customers in more than 190 countries.  “Solutions from Jive are helping bridge the gap between the old way of communicating and collaborating via email ping-pong and time consuming version control and the growing demand for multiple people with different skills to jointly work together in seamless, user friendly, and powerful way.”
  • “At K12, we understand the value of connecting people,” said Dianne Conley, VP of Marketing Systems for K12, the leader in online learning for grades K through 12.  “Jive is taking an already powerful social business platform to a new level with the Jive SBS 4.0 release, bringing the best of social media monitoring, a deep Microsoft Office integration, and a better way to connect with our customers.”

Product Availability

  • Jive SBS 4.0 is available immediately.

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Jive frees people to engage in open, natural business conversations and workflows that typically are trapped inside of emails, phone calls or meetings. As the leading enterprise-class suite of SBS applications for Global 2000 companies and governments, Jive combines social networking software, collaboration software, and community software into the first solution to   effectively manage employees, customers, and partners on a unified platform built for tens of thousands of users and millions of page views.

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