PowerPoint 2007 Service Pack 2 - the official fix list

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Official fix list for PowerPoint 2007 SP2 both the summary and the complete list

Here’s the official fix list for PowerPoint 2007 SP2 both the summary and the complete list. We’ve published it here for easy reference instead of hunting around Microsoft’s web site and an Excel worksheet.

This list does NOT include details of past hotfixes, security and other updates that are also bundled into Service Pack 2.

The list isn’t complete – Microsoft says there are other reliability, security and what they feel are minor bugs they consider ‘too specific’ to be publicly disclosed.


  • Improves the control of shape editing while you are zoomed in.
  • Provides faster file resaves.
  • Improves image quality after files are saved in the .jpeg, .png, and .gif formats.
  • Provides better text representation when the representation is saved in earlier PowerPoint formats.
  • Fixes several printer-specific problems.
  • Provides better compatibility with Explorer preview in Windows Vista.
  • Provides fuller integration of the Microsoft Office Excel Chart Object Model.


File formats

  • OpenDocument Format (ODF) support
    SP2 lets you open, edit, and save documents in version 1.1 of the ODF forWord, forExcel, and forPowerPoint. Users of these Office programs can now open, edit, and save files in the OpenDocument Text (*.odt), OpenDocument Spreadsheet (*.ods), and OpenDocument Presentations (*.odp) formats.
  • Extensible file formats
    Extensible File Formats: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint now include a converter interface that lets you plug third-party custom file formats into these Office programs. A developer can create a converter for files of a particular extension. When this converter is installed on a user’s computer, the custom file format effectively behaves like a built-in file format. Specifically, users can open files of this format and save them by using the Open or Save UI. They can even set the custom format as their default file format. For more information, visit the following MSDN Web site:
  • Built-in Save As PDF/XPS support
    PDF/XPS support is built into SP2 for Word, for Excel, and for PowerPoint. Users no longer have to download the add-in separately.


Complete list

  • Documents that have two or more very similar masters may occasionally print the wrong master design for the slide.
  • Hyperlinks on charts in PowerPoint are lost when the chart is converted to the new format.
  • If a user zooms in on a shape and then makes changes to it, the window may scroll without the user’s intervention. Specifically, if the user zooms in on a shape that is not in the center of the slide, and then the user deletes the shape, the window scrolls to the center of the slide. When this occurs, it is difficult for the user to work in the original location.
  • If you create a callout shape on a slide, you change the callout line to have a new end type (such as an arrow), you animate the shape, and then you run the animation (typically by previewing animations), PowerPoint crashes.
  • If you select a PowerPoint file in the Vista File Explorer, and the preview pane turned is on, you can open, change, save, and close the document without experiencing an error. However, no file changes are saved.
  • If you set the optional ExportBitmapResolution registry key so that a specific resolution is used for exporting images, saved images are cropped.
  • In certain situations that involve the DELETE key and an IME, PowerPoint crashes.
  • In PowerPoint 2007, you save a file that has subtle text formatting (such as a bevel) in a .ppt format. When you open the saved file, a picture image of the text may appear underneath the text shape. Depending on whether formatting was supported in the original format, either the text shape should appear or the picture image of the text should appear. However, both should not appear.
  • In PowerPoint, 3D charts may not render correctly if the presentation is opened in high contrast mode.
  • In PowerPoint, white text in charts does not correctly invert to black when you print or view the charts in grayscale.
  • In SharePoint, you try to open a PowerPoint presentation. If the URL has more than 255 characters, the presentation does not open. Instead, an empty PowerPoint presentation appears.
  • PowerPoint 2007 crashes when a text shape is partially covering a chart text element and the user attempts to select the chart text element.
  • PowerPoint crashes when an application or add-in tries to paste an Excel chart into a slide.
  • PowerPoint may compress pictures every time that you save a presentation instead of compressing the pictures only the first time that you save the presentation. Therefore, it takes longer to save the presentation than it should.
  • PowerPoint tries to use the internal information of TTY printers to aid in text layout. However, the drivers for TTY printers, such as the Windows “Generic/Text Only” drivers, do not correctly use TrueType fonts. Therefore, the text layout is incorrect.
  • Printer drivers provide some layout information to PowerPoint. Some printer drivers provide incorrect information to PowerPoint, which causes text to be misaligned when it is printed. PowerPoint now determines whether the information that the printer driver provides is correct.
  • The export image commands support an optional registry key that sets the resolution. However, if the resolution is set to a high value, the image is rendered incorrectly.
  • The export image commands support an optional registry key that sets the resolution. That value is supposed to be 307 or less. If the resolution is set to an inappropriate value, the image is rendered incorrectly.
  • The selection highlight in the thumbnail pane may sometimes incorrectly indicate that a slide is selected.
  • When user-created theme files contain master layouts, and these master layouts have applied styles that have the language property set to en-us, the language property is lost. Additionally, the spelling checker stops working.
  • When you use the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack to save to 2007 formats, the hyperlink sub-address property may be lost. When this happens, some hyperlinks may break.
  • When you use the Ricoh Aficio 1022/1027/1032 PCL6 or PCL5e printer drivers to print from PowerPoint 2007, text is misplaced on the printout.
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