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Access 2010 runtime now available

The distributable code for Access 2010 developers is now available, but beware bugs.

The Microsoft Access 2010 runtime download is now available from Microsoft.

There are two versions available – 32-bit and 64-bit depending on which type of Windows you have.

The runtime download is freely distributable and allows Access developers to make ‘solutions’ (aka programs) and install them on computers without a full Access software licence.

All that is great news except for this note from reader Scott K:

There definitely seems to be a problem with the way that the install package is put together in that silent installs appear to be impossible.

The install package supports the /quiet and /passive switch, but both are ignored and there is always a popup for EULA acceptance. This is a business issue when standard users don’t have the rights to do installs and with a remotely initiated “silent” install is done using admin rights, so the user never sees the EULA page to accept it.

So it might be better to wait a little while for some bug fixes or at least better documentation to appear.

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