Merging Access Data to Word

How to successfully merge data from Access to Word.

Q:  Bruce Michael writes:  “I have been attempting to do a merge in Word 2003 using an Access 2003 query.  When I look in the query, the data is correct, but when I actually merge using the data, for one column in the database, the values that come up are from another column.  I have checked, and changed the field name in access to no avail.  I couldn’t find anything in the MS Knowledgebase that seemed to cover this problem.  Have you come across anything like it?”


A:  This might have to do with a lookup field in a table, which takes the value in the linked table.  I generally prefer to do merges in VBA code, which gives me complete control over what gets merged where.  You might want to look at my Code Sample #24, which demonstrates how to merge data from Access to Word using doc properties (my favorite method), mail merge, bookmarks and TypeText.  Also Access Archon #92, Mail Merge Mysteries, if you want to stick with mail merge.

Another thing you could try is making a make-table query based on the query, and then using the table it generates for the merge.