Finding Select All

Where is the Select All command and why you don’t need to find it.

“As software changes so do the tool bars. A simple change for the location of the “select all” button is frustrating’ – Anthony C.

We assume Anthony is asking about the ribbon in Office 2007 and Office 2010.

Select All is on the Home tab but way over on the right hand side in the Editing section in Word 2007/2010:

Word 2010 - Select menu.jpg image from Finding Select All at

In Office 2003 and before it’s under the Edit menu

Office 2003 - Edit - Select All.jpg image from Finding Select All at

Most people don’t look for a Select All button or menu because the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A is one of the near -universal shortcuts that works in many programs.

Ctrl + A works in Windows Explorer, Outlook, web browsers as well as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many other programs.

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