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19 quid for Office 2010 training?

An offer you might like to try out.

We’ve noticed this offer from Time Out magazine in London.
UPDATE: it seems the offer has now expired or sold out.

£19 Microsoft Office 2010 Interactive Online Training Course

That sounds like a good price, possibly too good and enough to make you wary of traps.  But we thought we’d pass it along in case some readers would like to try it out.

It’s Office 2010 training (not Office 2013) for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and SharePoint.

Just to be clear: is NOT a partner to this offer, we’re not endorsing it and not getting any money or in-kind payment for this article.  The details copied below are as much as we know.

Here’s the details from the web site at early morning UK time Fri 21st June 2013

19 quid offer June 2013 image from 19 quid for Office 2010 training? at

19 Quid offer details image from 19 quid for Office 2010 training? at




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