Finding the location of the Office object model DLL

Finding the location of the Office object model DLL

Q: Frank H. writes: “I want to use the FileDialog object to create a browser for selecting a file, but it requires a reference to the Office object library, and I can’t find that library in the list of Microsoft objects. Where is it?

A: For some reason, the Office object library usually doesn’t appear in the list, but you can browse for it. Here are the default locations for various Office versions:

Office 2003

C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedOFFICE11MSO.DLL

Office 2007 32-bit

C:Program Files(x86)Common FilesMicrosoft SharedOFFICE12MSO.DLL

Office 2010 64-bit

C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedOFFICE14MSO.DLL

Office 2013 64-bit

C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office 15rootvfsProgramFilesCommonX64Microsoft SharedOFFICE15

Office 2013 32-bit

C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office 15rootvfsProgramFilesCommonX86Microsoft SharedOFFICE15

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