iPhone 6 / OneDrive 30GB offer isn’t all it seems

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Microsoft has jumped on the iPhone 6 bandwagon with an offer of 30GB to iPhone 6 users who also use OneDrive.  As usual for a Microsoft offer, the devil is in the detail.  For once, it’s not all bad news for customers.

Despite the hype, anyone with the OneDrive app (Apple, Android or Windows Phone) and Camera Upload enabled should be switched from 15GB to 30GB of online storage.

Under the heading “Hey iPhone Users…You Can Now Get 30 GB of Free Storage with OneDrive!” the offer appears to be a bonus for iPhone users only.

In fact the ‘bonus’ is just 15GB since everyone gets 15GB of OneDrive storage free just for creating a Microsoft / OneDrive account.

How to get it

To get the double storage space, you have to install the OneDrive App for iPhone and turn on the Camera Upload feature.  Not a big ask since Camera Upload is a useful feature not limited to OneDrive.

Camera Upload is a common feature for cloud storage apps (sometimes called Camera Roll)  Any photos or videos you take on the device are automatically uploaded to the online storage.  From there the photos can appear anywhere you have the cloud storage linked to.  In practice, it means you take a photo on your phone and it can appear on your laptop, PC or other device in a few moments.  More than one cloud storage app (OneDrive, Google Drive, BT Sync, Dropbox) can have this feature enabled on a single device.

Not just iPhone

If you read the detail, the ‘iPhone users’ offer isn’t just for iPhone 6 users, not even just iPhone users.

The 30GB offer applies to anyone with a mobile device Apple, Android or Windows Phone.  Just install the OneDrive app and enable Camera Upload.

Existing customers too

Read even deeper and it’s clear that almost everyone get the 30GB offer.  Anyone with a OneDrive app for Apple, Android or Windows Phone and enables Camera Upload will be switched to a 30GB allowance – new or existing users.

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