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Kardashian in Office 2013

Why is the word Kardashian in the Office 2013 dictionary?

I could happily live without knowing anything about the various Kardashians. I’m informed they are ‘personalities’ of some sort and that I really don’t want to know anything more.

But someone at Microsoft seems to think the Kardashians are more worthy because they’ve been added to the Office 2013 dictionary!

In Office 2010 / Word 2010 ‘Kardashian’ is unknown in all English language variants and other languages as is the first name of one member of the clan.

Kardshian in Office 2010 image from Kardashian in Office 2013 at

But Office 2013 / Word 2013 has ‘fixed’ this:

Kardshian in Office 2013 image from Kardashian in Office 2013 at

As you can see, Khloe has been added but not the correct spelling with an ‘acute’ e.

Maybe someone at Microsoft is a fan of Kim Kardashian but not so enamored of sister Khloé?

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