OneNote for Android improvements

Now you can scribble all over your Android notes.

Microsoft has released an update to OneNote for Android with the focus on handwriting. You can write, draw or annotate your OneNote pages with a tablet pen. image from OneNote for Android improvements at

You can draw, doodle or even deface an OneNote page. As you can see, there’s a selection of pens and highlighters to choose from. Also the all-important eraser.

According to Microsoft, OneNote for Android is smart enough to distinguish between a pen and your finger. The pen tip will enable writing or drawing while your pinky tap will start the cursor. If you use a pen/stylus; a single finger will let you scroll/pan around the page. If using your finger to draw then you’ll need a two finger action to pan/scroll.

We’ve had some trouble with the pen interface only because the Samsung S-Pen interface tries to ‘help’ by popping up unexpectedly.

The background color of OneNote pages can be changed as well as adding a grid or ruled lines. You can toggle the grid or lines from the menu.

The overall look has been improved enormously which much better navigation down through notebooks, sections and pages. image from OneNote for Android improvements at

On a smaller phone device, you scroll left/right to see the lists until you reach the page. Here’s a single page on a Samsung phone: image from OneNote for Android improvements at

There’s a lot more formatting choices though most are what you’d expect in a Microsoft Office product; font, font size and color, highlighting, text alignment and, most important for fast note taking, heading styles. Tags are now available within notes. image from OneNote for Android improvements at

As usual for an Office Mobile product, there’s the unknown grab bag of ‘stability improvements’ and fixes for ‘other issues’ without any detail. So maybe that annoying bug has been fixed … or maybe not.

If you already have OneNote for Android you’ll be updated automatically. If you’d like to try it out head to Google Play.