OneNote for Windows updated

The ‘Modern’ version of OneNote gets Ink highlighting, Printing and PDF insertion.

There’s a new version of OneNote for Windows 8 out today with some ‘new’ features that help it catch up ‘real’ OneNote for PC or Mac

At this stage let’s be clear, we’re talking about the OneNote app for Windows 8 in Modern/Metro style that’s been such an underwhelming ‘success’ with customers. The OneNote Windows Store app is possibly the only reason for some people to try the Modern interface.

We like the OneNote app, especially the innovative radial menu that takes a little time but is worth getting used to. But the unquestioning hype about ‘new’ features is hard to stomach.


Yes, the idea of a Microsoft Office program being able to print is considered a big deal. Microsoft should really be apologizing that it’s taken them about two years to add this essential feature.

The Print option is on the right-hand Charms menu under Devices. image from OneNote for Windows updated at

Or swipe up from the bottom of the page or right-click on the page and tap ‘Print Page’. The familiar Ctrl + P shortcut also works.

PDF Printouts image from OneNote for Windows updated at

Choose the PDF file and wait while it’s inserted and processed. When that’s done you’ll see the PDF as an icon and also fully visible within the OneNote page image from OneNote for Windows updated at

Since the PDF is visible on the OneNote page you can annotate, highlight or doodle over it just like any other OneNote object. This feature has already been added to OneNote for Mac and iOS and was already present in OneNote for Windows (under Insert | File Printout).

You can now attach files directly to OneNote pages within the Modern App … another glaring omission from previous releases.


As you can see in the above example, highlighting has been added (at last) to the OneNote App. It’s at the “six o’clock” position on the radial menu. image from OneNote for Windows updated at

And there’s also the secretive “accessibility updates and numerous bug fixes”. We’re not sure what bugs there were in the OneNote app since there’s no mention of any bugs in the Microsoft Knowledge Base where such things are supposed to be documented.

Get the OneNote App from the Windows App Store. If it’s already installed, go to the Store app in Windows 8 and force an immediate app update.