What has the Smartphone ever done for us?

Forget the Romans … what use is a smartphone?

The Guardian has an interesting article “From cameras to keycards, everyday devices killed off by the smartphone”.

It could read like a scene from Life of Brian titled:

“What have smartphones ever done for us?”

Well, aside from mobile phones, landlines, pay phones, cameras, Walkman, Dictaphones, cheap computers, portable TV’s, pocket calculators, watches, alarm clocks, and sat navs … what have smartphones done for us?

says Office Watch: “also Video cameras, Post It note reminders, diaries, Rolodex, timetables, translator, portable radio, newspapers, magazines, compass, torch, mirror, conversion tables, stopwatch, magnifying glass, ruler, spirit level, ebook reader, file storage, Office document viewer and editor (if desperate)

OK … aside from those 32 things … what have smartphones ever done for us?”

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