Windows 8 Pro upgrade for less than $2 extra

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Amazon has an amazing deal … Windows 8 Pro upgrade for just $1.74 more than the standard upgrade.

Who doesn’t like a nice, juicy pricing anomaly? Especially when it’ll save you money.

The official upgrade prices for Windows 8 (for users of Windows 7, Vista or XP) start at $120.  Add another $80 for Windows 8 Professional upgrade.    That’s what you’d pay if you bought from the Microsoft Store (hands down the most expensive choice).

You can find a better price elsewhere.  Under $100 for the standard upgrade and certainly under $150 for the Pro upgrade.

At the moment on Amazon US you can get the Windows 8 Pro upgrade for $95.24 or just $1.74 more than the standard upgrade.

Win8 upgrade prices on Amazon Feb 2014 image from Windows 8 Pro upgrade for less than $2 extra at

For just $1.74 extra you can get Windows 8 Professional with nice goodies like Remote Desktop and BitLocker (among other things). We’ve included an image of the web page because it’s hard to believe. Click this link to see the current Amazon US prices for Windows 8 upgrade.

Once you have Windows 8, you can do the free update to Windows 8.1.

That price for the Pro upgrade is so low, it’s cheaper than the ‘Pro Pack’ which lets you upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 8 Professional.  That’s priced at an undiscounted $99.99.   So, at the moment, it’s cheaper to buy the ‘full’ upgrade than to ‘step up’ within the Windows 8 range.

Naturally, this price difference might not last but it’s a good example of how you should shop around for prices on common software and keep an eye out for the ‘Pro’ versions too.

Windows 8.1 for Microsoft Office users includes this tip and many others in the buying guide chapter.