Office for the ‘other’ Android getting nearer

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Microsoft has now released a preview version of Microsoft Office for Android devices running Intel x86 processors.

Until now, Office for Android has been restricted to ARM chip devices, which is the vast majority.  But Intel x86 power some of the more powerful tablets which better suit Office.

Android Lollipop

Part of the same preview is Office for Android that runs on what Microsoft is calling ‘Android L’.  Most people know that as Android ‘Lollipop’ or version 5.

That’s great news for anyone with a Lollipop enabled device including those with Google’s Nexus devices that came with Lollipop.

Join up

If you’d like to try the new Office for Android, go to the  preview group on Google+.

Once accepted you can use the ‘become a tester’ pages on these links

That will take you to the Google Play pages to let you download the apps in the usual way.  It may take a little while for the app links to become available.

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