Office Remote for Android

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The days of carrying a separate presentation ‘clicker’ may be over as Microsoft brings it’s Office remote app to Android.

Office Remote turns a smartphone into a controller for a PowerPoint presentation, Excel worksheets (including Slicers and PivotTables) plus Word documents.

Image supplied by Microsoft.

The smartphone connects to your PC via Bluetooth.  You need the Office Remote PC Setup installed on the computer to complete the link.

Only Office 2013 and the beta Office 2016 are supported.

The Android app is available here.  Don’t confuse it with ‘Microsoft Remote Desktop’; an entirely different animal.

Office Remote is still available for Windows Phone.

Sadly, Office Remote lacks a laser pointer <g> so you can’t zap the eyes of hecklers.  Maybe there’s still a place for the ‘old fashioned’ presenters aid?

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