CrossOver 16 will have Office 2013 support for Linux and MacOS

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CodeWeavers, the people behind CrossOver, have announced that the next version will support much of Office 2013.

That means it will be possible to run the Windows versions of Word 2013, Excel 2013,PowerPoint 2013 and Project 2013 on Linux or MacOS systems, using CrossOver v16.  Office 365 subscribers will be able to activate an Office 2013 install in the usual way.

CrossOver v16 is due out in early 2017.

Beyond that, CrossOver v17 (due later in 2017) promises Outlook 2013 support as well as Office 2016 for Windows support.

CrossOver is based upon Wine which is an option for running Windows programs on Linux and macOS computers.

Our personal preference is to use virtual machines in these ‘cross platform’ situations. Despite the performance hit, the apps are more stable and the VM can be easily migrated to a new machine.

However that might not suit anyone using the Windows apps regularly.

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