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Peter Nadin is our Excel hero.  He’s gone to extraordinary lengths and used the power of Excel to save money on his electricity and gas bills.

In various countries, there’s been a deregulation of the energy market which was intended to save consumers through a choice of suppliers.

It’s led to a bewildering range of choices.  Confusing plans with complex terms that are difficult to compare without a lot of work.

You also need some type of calculation and listing software that can categorize all the offers and calculate the cost for an individual consumer.

Introducing … Microsoft Excel!

From this photo on the BBC web site, it looks like Mr Nadin has created a very large multi-worksheet document.  Perhaps with conditional formatting to color code the rows.

Source: BBC News

It’s not just Peter’s Excel skills in action, it’s also his determination.  He calls the companies (on their toll-free number) to get the details he needs for Excel.

All this work saves him at least US$250 (£200).  Which more than covers the annual cost of MS Office 365 (I expect he shops around for a good deal on that too).

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