January 2016 Office ‘hidden’ bug fixes and mysteries

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For a long time, Microsoft has quietly fixed bugs in Office, which is a good thing.  Not so good is their habit of hiding news of these fixes.  If you’ve been suffering with a particular bug, it’s hard to know when or if it’s been fixed.

Among the January 2016 fixes are these (using Microsoft’s bug description):

Office 2016

  • After you change from Mouse mode to Touch mode in Office 2016 applications, the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) icons aren’t enlarged. KB3114536
  • After you use Office deployment tool to install Office 2016 Click-to-Run editions with multiple language packs, the language that is set in the config.xml as the first language isn’t set as the default language.   KB3114530
  • After a user overrides a policy tip for a document in an Office 2016 application, the information doesn’t appear in the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) report.  KB3114512

Outlook 2016

  • After you save an email message to an .msg file in Outlook 2016, the attachment in the email message is displayed as 0 kilobyte (KB).
  • You start Outlook 2016, and you use a right-to-left language. In this situation, when you move another window over Outlook 2016, a redraw issue occurs, and the background of Outlook 2016 isn’t repainted correctly. Therefore, it is difficult to read the content in Outlook 2016. KB3114536
  • Translates some terms in multiples languages for the accuracy of the meaning.
  • Assume that you send a meeting request that is in the HTML format in Outlook 2016. When you open the meeting request, the attachment is missing.  KB3114532

Excel 2016

  • When you edit the text in a chart and then select the Font Size drop-down list and pause on different font sizes in Excel 2016, Excel 2016 may crash.  KB3114531

Access 2016

  • You can’t connect to a SharePoint list in Access 2016 if the list contains a column in which the name is longer than 10 double-byte character set (DBCS) characters.  KB3114689

OneNote 2016

  • When you delete a bullet in a notebook in OneNote 2016, the ink in the notebook may disappear or OneNote 2016 may crash.   KB3114534

All the above bug fixes are described in their Knowledge Base articles under the heading “Improvements and fixes”.

But what are customers supposed to make of these three mysterious KB articles … KB3114533   KB3114525 and  KB3114521

They have no ‘improvements and fixes’ heading at all!  There’s nothing to indicate what (if anything) the Office updates do!

We know Microsoft doesn’t like admitting to bugs in Office, but this is taking secrecy a bit too far!

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