UK deals for Office 365 Home - new or renewal

We’re not sure what has got to Microsoft in Britain but they’re offering some excellent prices on Office 365 annual ‘subscription’ at the moment.  Around 40% off the regular price for renewals and new customers.

The usual prices for Office 365 in the ‘Mother Country’ are:

Home (5 users/licences) £79.99

Personal (1 user/licence) £59.99

You’d be crazy to pay full price at any time, but especially now.

Microsoft has already raised the prices on some UK products after the fall in the value Sterling. Apple have done the same thing.  There’s the possibility of a price rise for Microsoft consumer products if the Pound continues at these lower levels.

Even if your Office 365 has many months to run, you might consider extending your subscription now while there’s deals available. See Your Office 365 about to end? Here’s how to save and get an extra month – free! for details.  Office 365 can be bought for up to 5 years in advance.

No idea how long these prices will last. There’s no end dates given.

£20 off for the first year

Microsoft itself is selling a year of Office 365 Home for £59.99 click here.  It’s stated to apply only for ‘the first year’.

As usual, Microsoft special offers aren’t that special.  You can get a better price elsewhere and those prices include renewals too.

Currys PC World have the same prices as Microsoft.

£30 off for renewals and new customers

Amazon UK is selling the same Office 365 Home annual subscription for less than Microsoft direct.

Their current price is £49.98 – a full £30 off the regular price and £10 less than Microsoft’s deal.

This applies to Office 365 renewals as well as new customers.

Unusually, the same low price applies to both download and physical delivery.  With no price difference, the download option is faster and easier.