Amazon to make an Office suite – hooray!

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It should be no surprise that Amazon is rumored to be working on an Office suite to rival Microsoft Office and Google Docs.

The Information is reporting that Amazon wants Office programs to complement their very popular and flexible cloud service – Amazon Web Services AWS.

At the moment, this is little more than a sourced rumor, but a rumor that’s more than plausible.

Amazon Web Services already has Workmail for email/calendaring plus WorkDocs for file storage and collaboration.  What’s lacking is some desktop programs to bring all those online services together.

A better cloud service

What we’d really like to see is a better and more secure cloud storage option.

At the moment, Microsoft’s mail and document hosting is too open for our liking.  Aside from vague promises from Microsoft, there’s no proper encryption for data stored on their servers.

We’d love to see a properly encrypted cloud storage option.  All documents, email etc saved online in an unreadable form.  The Amazon office programs could get access the data with decryption/encryption  done seamlessly.

Microsoft shows no interest in this kind of privacy so it would be a good opportunity for Amazon.

There’s no suggestion that Amazon is planning to do this, but we’d really love to see it.

Amazon ‘Office’ helps us all

Even if you have no intention of using AWS or Amazon office programs this is good news.  It will keep Microsoft on its toes.

If both Google and Amazon are in the office suite market, Microsoft will keep their prices competitive.

Redmond will also be highly motivated to improve MS Office and retain their lion’s share of the market.

If it weren’t for competition from Apple and Google, we would not have Office apps for portable devices (except maybe Windows phones).

The Office Web applications were created by Microsoft only after Google made their web browser versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint available free to all.

We’ll be happy to stick with Microsoft Office, as we have for the last 25 years, but welcome anything that stops Microsoft becoming complacent.

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