Clippy lives again and coming to a program near you

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Can you believe it?  Clippy, the unloved spawn of Office 97 is returning.

Eros Fratini is a developer with, presumably, a perverse sense of humor. He’s created a Visual Studio add in which lets developers make Clippy part of their projects.  Get it from GitHub.

clippy lives again and coming to a program near you 14799 - Clippy lives again and coming to a program near you

Oh joy, we can hardly wait.

According to Microsoft’s revisionist history, there was nothing wrong with Clippy.  In Redmond’s alternate universe, Clippy was “ahead of it’s time” which is Microsoft speak for ‘the customers didn’t understand’.


Clippy looked cute in demonstrations but the novelty wore off quickly.  It’s ability to detect what people were doing was poor.

Turn Clippy Off

That and other problems were trivial compared to Clippy’s major bug, you could not turn the damn thing off!

The ‘Don’t show me this tip again’ option didn’t work.  Permanently shutting off Clippy wasn’t easy.

However Clippy VS is deployed, let’s hope the disable features work properly.


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