Changes to Office for Mac – get ready now

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There are changes coming with both Office for Mac and Apple’s MacOS which Mac users need to be aware of.

Office 2011 for Mac

Office 2011 for Mac will lose support on 10 October 2017, just over month from now.

After that date there will be no more updates, especially security updates for Office 2011.

The software will continue to work but there’s another catch, thanks to Apple.

MacOS High Sierra

The next release of the MacOS, called High Sierra, will be the last release to support 32-bit programs.  Guess what Office 2011 is?  Yup – 32-bit.

Though Apple says that 32-bit applications (like Office 2011) will work on High Sierra, Microsoft isn’t even bothering to find out.

Microsoft’s official position is:

“Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Lync have not been tested on macOS 10.13 High Sierra, and no formal support for this configuration will be provided. “

That’s typically arrogant and self-serving from Microsoft.  Redmond’s interest is in getting people to Office 2016 for Mac, which means more money for the company.

It also insults the intelligence of your average Mac user.  Does anyone believe that the Office for Mac team hasn’t tried Office 2011 on their High Sierra previews? – gimme a break.

What to do

Forget Microsoft’s clumsy excuses, it’s best to switch to Office 2016 for Mac.

Office 2011 was behind the times when it was released and is ancient by 2017 standards.  If you haven’t already, switch to Office 2016 for Mac – either as a one-off purchase or an Office 365 annual software rental.

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