Converting between Word and Ebook formats Mobi and Epub

Calibre, the invaluable ebook and e-reader management software, has improved.  It now has Microsoft Word document conversion to and from MOBI, EPUB and other ebook formats.

Until recently, Calibre could convert from Word .docx files to make .mobi (Kindle) or .epub (other readers) or many other formats.

With version 3, Calibre can now convert ebook files to Word documents.  That means unlocked (no DRM) ebook formats can become a .docx file.

Calibre has many options, some of them displayed in this supplied image.  Don’t worry, the default Calibre screen isn’t too confusing.

Calibre has many features, too many to cover here.   It manages your ebook library on your computer and on a reading device.  It will handle moving books between your main library and the device.

If there’s something Calibre doesn’t do, there’s probably a plug-in to handle it. We like the ‘Reading List’ plug-in to select books anytime for automatic transfer to your device when it’s next connected.

Making a Word document from an ebook

To make a Word document from an unlocked ebook, go to Convert books and choose DOCX from the long format list at top right.

Converting a Word document into an ebook

Simply drag and drop a .docx file into Calibre will add it to the library.  Then use Convert books to make a version in another format like MOBI or EPUB.

Other formats might not handle complex Word elements.  Tables, inline images etc can look awful after conversion.  This is a limitation of the ebook formats, not Calibre.

Highly Recommended

Kovid Goyal has made a comprehensive manager for your ebook library.  It maintains a large ebook library on your computer and on ebook readers. We’ve used Calibre for many years and is highly recommended for any serious ebook users.

Calibre is free but we highly recommend making a donation to support its development.  For Windows, MacOS and Linux.