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Find the Outlook Web App / webmail link for an Office 365 or Exchange Server mailbox

Browser based email is a great standby in case your main email program, like Outlook, goes wrong or the mailbox connection doesn’t work.  Here’s how to find the webmail setting for Office 365 or Exchange Server mailboxes.

Webmail for Office 365 or Exchange Server mailboxes is called ‘Outlook Web App’ or ‘Outlook Web Access’. Known as OWA (“Oh Waaa”) to its friends.

OWA will work with any modern browser on a computer with Internet access.  It’s a great fallback position if your usual mail connection goes bad.

Try out the OWA link and bookmark it.  Login and let your browser save the login name and password. When you need it, it’ll be ready to go.

Outlook 2016

Outlook itself should show you the web link at File | Info then choose the mail account.  Under ‘Account Settings’ is a clickable link.

Click on the link to open a browser window.

Office 365 settings

All mailboxes hosted by Office 365 have the same default login web link or links which direct you to the correct page.

Usually one of these will work:

or<the domain name>  for example

The network admins may have added a simpler url for your organization eg https://<domain name>/owa   which will redirect you to the Office 365 login page.


Go to  and login then click the Mail icon

At worst ask your organizations IT help desk <g>.

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