Get the hidden Office Mobile apps for Windows 10

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The Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps for Windows 10 computers are hiding from the Microsoft Store.  Here’s how to get them.

Word, Excel and PowerPoint have ‘mobile’ versions that run on Windows 10 devices for full PC’s, tablets and Windows phones.

Here are the links you need, since Microsoft has hidden them.




You’re supposed to get them from the Microsoft Store but searching for the obvious like ‘Microsoft Word’ doesn’t show the app you’d expect.

You get a big ad for Office 365 (we’ve hidden the ad from the above image) which appears even if you already have Office 365 linked to your Microsoft account.

These apps are scaled down versions of full Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  Microsoft hasn’t been consistent about the naming and over time have been called ‘Modern’, ‘Fluent’ and ‘UWP’ apps.  This week, Windows 10 apps are called ‘Mobile’.

But even searching for ‘Word Mobile’ doesn’t show the app of that exact name:

Why get the Office Mobile apps?

Even if you have Office for Windows desktop, the apps are useful alternatives.  They don’t use much disk space and can be instantly available if you need them.

Office app links that work

Here’s links that will take you straight to the apps.  They open in your browser with an option to redirect to the Store itself.




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