Office 2016 book, 2nd edition or ‘What I did in Nepal’

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Office 2016 for Windows is being updated by Microsoft so our Office 2016: the real startup guide has a 2nd edition to include the latest new features.

The work was done by Peter Deegan in Nepal.  Some people go to Nepal for trekking in the Himalayas, others to enjoy the lovely valleys and villages.  Peter spent his time digging into the latest offerings for Office 2016 … go figure!

Office 2016: the real startup guide 2nd edition, over 550 pages, now includes coverage of changes since the original release of Office 2016 for Windows, updates for Office 365 customers. The book update is free to past purchasers.

Grammar & Style – have been restored to both the Office 365 and Perpetual Licence versions of Office 2016 for Windows.  The book covers both versions and the differences.

Icons and SVG graphics – the new type of graphic in Office 2016 with many configuration and design options.

” Your chapter on buying Office 365 saved me waaay more than the cost of entire book.”  James N, Des Moines.

Renewal Tricks – avoid Microsoft’s tricks that make you pay the highest price for Office 365 renewal.  The book shows how to renew Office 365 for the lowest price and get 13 months subscription for the price of 12.  There are many ways you can save money on both new and renewal of your Office 365 ‘subscription’.

Getting the ‘advance look’ Office Insider versions.

Ink and Touch – Office for Windows is getting more touch and ink features.

Office 2016: the real startup guide 2nd edition (Office 2016 for Windows) still costs only US$12.95 for Office Watch subscribers compared with the retail price of $19.95 – a $7.00 saving – click here.

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