OneDrive gets expiring links for Office 365 users

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Microsoft has added another useful option for Office 365 users on OneDrive; expiring links.

Send people a link to a file saved on OneDrive has been possible for a long time.  That link could be ‘read only’ or let the receiver edit the file (document, worksheet, presentation etc.).

Now you can make the link only active for many days.

How many days?

OneDrive accepted a 1,500 day expiry so whatever the limit is, it’s beyond any reasonable need.

Use this option if the file or document isn’t relevant after a certain date (deadline, date of an event etc).

Or just to limit the access to a file in case the link ‘escapes’ to unintended people.

Browser only

At the moment, expiring links are only available using the browser interface for OneDrive.

Sharing a link via Office – using the File | Share | Sharing Pane only gives you the Read Only or Editable link options.

Break a OneDrive shared link

You can simply break a link you send by deleting or renaming the source file on OneDrive.


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