WPS Office halts Linux development

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WPS Office, a Microsoft Office clone, has announced they’ve stopped development on their Linux version.

UDPATE:  WPS Office now denies there’s a halt to Linux version development and blamed the media for the ‘false’ story (sound familar?).

So where did Office-Watch.com and many other outlets get the idea?  Errrr, from WPS Linux itself!  Their official Twitter account said so … here’s the proof.

wps office halts linux development 14009 - WPS Office halts Linux development

That tweet has now been removed and their ‘blame the media’ policy began.

Here’s our original story ….


wps office halts linux development 13872 - WPS Office halts Linux development

This is sad news for Microsoft Office users as well. You may never use WPS Office or Linux but it still matters because any alternative to Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. keeps Microsoft working to keep their Office suite foremost.

There are many Office features we have today only because a rival threatened Microsoft’s dominance.


LibreOffice is still going strong and has a Linux version as well as Windows and Mac.

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