StaffHub – shift management come to Office 365

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Microsoft continues to expand the uses for their cloud storage of calendar information with the introduction of StaffHub.

It’s an extension of the existing calendar and resource scheduling to include shift workers and especially those who mostly use mobile devices.

Staff can download a StaffHub Apple or Android app (no Windows app) and login to see available shifts, request shift swaps and time-off requests.   All staff using the system become part of an Office 365 Group so they can communicate with each other.

Source: Microsoft

Managers can setup shifts, approve/decline shift swaps and time-off requests.  They can also post information to the staff.

Source: Microsoft

StaffHub is available to Office 365 enterprise clients on K1, E1, E3 or E5 plans.

All staff must have an Office 365 account to use StaffHub.  This could mean an increase costs as casual and part-time staff need to be added to the ‘per user’ costs of an Office 365 Enterprise plan.

Limiting the service to Office 365 Enterprise plans makes Staffhub impractical for many of the small and medium size organizations who might benefit from the system.  Microsoft touts Staffhub as being good for “baristas, hair stylists, waiters” but many cafes, hairdressers and restaurants are relatively small operations that could not justify the costs of an entire Office 365 Enterprise plan.

Maybe, some day, Office 365 services like StaffHub and Teams will become available for smaller organizations who would also benefit from these features.

For more information from Microsoft:

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