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Convert Excel formula into fixed values or text

Changing an Excel formula into the values is amazingly easy.  It’s just a copy and special paste.

Another way to think of it is deleting the formula but leaving the results in the cells.

  1. Select the cells. In this case from our article on converting text cells into Excel dates.

  2. Copy them, using Ctrl + C or Home | Clipboard | Copy

  3. Keep the same selection of cells for the next step
  4. Go to Home | Clipboard | Paste menu and choose Paste Values | Values from the list.

The cells look the same, but check the formula line to see that it’s now the value not the formula.

Make a mistake?

No problem, Undo or  Ctrl + Z  will restore the formulas.

Selecting an array

If it’s an array, a different selection process applies.

Go to Home | Editing | Go to Special then choose Current Array.


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