Office 2016, 2013 and 2010 updates for September 2018

A small collection of non-security patches for Microsoft Office in September 2018.

As usual, all these updates should come to you automatically. Non-subscriber / perpetual licence users can download individual patches if necessary but auto-update should handle it for you.

Outlook 2016

The update for Microsoft Outlook 2016 introduces the following improvements:

  • Fixes a crash in Outlook 2016 when switching from Mail to Calendar while running a screen reader.
  • Click here to view more on Microsoft Exchange link was not displayed for folders that don’t sync all content on systems with multiple Exchange accounts that share credentials.
  • Outlook 2016 may only try the primary Exchange Web Service endpoint even if multiple are configured.
  • BCC recipients were not displayed in Outlook EML files with BCC recipients.
  • Translation improvements for the Spanish and Czech versions of Outlook 2016.

Patching the patch

KB4022233 is a fix for an earlier bug fix.  “If you filter data for a chart with a data time axis by unselecting a data label in the Horizontal (Category) Axis Labels area in the Select Data Source dialog box, some other data labels in the chart other than the unselected one may disappear. ”

It’s an example of how complicated software patching can be.  This bug occurred after installing KB4018387, which itself was a bug fix caused by a security bug patch.  Everyone involved hopes this is the end of the chain <sigh>.

Office 2016

KB3114853 is a tiny feature improvement. ” Assume that you have more than one shape on a chart in a chart sheet. With this update, you can format as many shapes at the same time as you select by using the Format Ribbon. ”

KB4032237 – “Assume that you receive an Information Rights Management (IRM) protected email message and it contains an attachment. When you save the attachment to a disk, it can’t be saved.”


  • Improves the Czech translation of Tell me suggestions in Outlook 2016.
  • Improves the Danish translation of the Accessibility commandin the Review Ribbon in OneNote 2016 and Word 2016.
  • Improves the Swedish translation of the Accessibility commandin the Review Ribbon in Word 2016.
  • Improves the Czech translation of the Flag: Due Dateflag in the View Ribbon in Outlook 2016.

KB4092446 fixes the Danish translation of the Accessibility command in the Review Ribbon in PowerPoint 2016.

KB4022215 — fixes flickers of the ribbon or status bar in Office when frequently changing the cursor in the document canvas when using add-ins or macros that call Application.ScreenUpdating.

KB4018371 and KB4011670 are related. ” Users in a SharePoint Online tenant will no longer receive authentication prompts each time they access Office files by users from a different tenant.”  “Also translation improvements for the Czech version of Outlook 2016.”

Office 2013

KB4022233 – Some data labels in charts may disappear if data labels are unselected.  Also fixed in Office 2016, see above.

KB4092469 — Fixes an issue which prevented attachments from being saved to disk when the email message was protected by Information Rights Management (IRM). Also fixed in Office 2016, see above.

KB4092457 — The update for Skype for Business 2015 (Lync 2013).

Office 2010

KB4092436 — installs the MT Extra font in Office 2010 so that math equations created by Microsoft’s Equation Editor — which is no longer supported — can be displayed.

This MT Extra  font update was fixed for Office 2013 users last month