Big Word 2016 update in the August 2018 updates for Office

There are a dozen bug fixes for the Windows versions of Word 2016 buried among the non-security updates for Microsoft Office this month.  And an extra feature for PowerPoint 2016 and 2013 for Windows.

We’ll look at this important Word 2016 update first before listing the other bug fixes for Office 2016 and Office 2013 for Windows.

Dozen Word 2016 fixes

Here’s Microsoft’s explanation of the twelve bug fixes in the August 2018 patch.  We’ve re-ordered their list to put the more important or troubling bugs at the top.  Italics are ours, to highlight bugs that result in deleted or missing content.

  • Assume that you have a multipage table and enable the Repeat as header row at the top of each pageoption on the Row tab in the Table Properties dialog box. When you set the text direction for the header row to vertical and insert a footnote to a cell in the header row, some pages of the document are displayed, and some other pages disappear.
  • When you use field codes to set a header or footer in a document, if the header or footer occupied space goes beyond the page margin, the header or footer may be missing for some pages after you print it out in Word 2016.
  • Assume that you type a word that can be corrected automatically by the Auto-Correct feature and dictate a text after the word in Word 2016. When you press the Backspace key after the dictated text, the dictated text is removed.
  • A page with an endnote continuation displays wrong header and footer. For example, a document has multiple Word sections and endnotes are at the end of each section. When the endnote continues to the next page, the page with the endnote continuation displays the first page header and footer of next Word section instead of the header and footer of the current section.
  • If you open a Word 2010 document that contains a table from Word 2016, some text in the table won’t be displayed. This also happens in Print Preview mode.
  • When you use Decimal Tabto align numbers in a table, numbers aren’t aligned.
  • When you open a document that’s created in Word 2010 from Word 2016, Word 2016 may hang.
  • When you open an email message with thousands of hyperlinks and then scroll through the email message or click in the email message body, Outlook hangs.
  • When you send a word document by selecting Send Email Messages in Finish&Merge, if you type Korean characters in Subject line in Merge to Email dialog box, garbled Korean characters will be displayed unexpectedly in the Subject information in a message list in Outlook.
  • Assume that you link and embed a document that contains tables and paragraph borders into a workbook. Then you open it from Excel and edit it in Word 2016. When you try to save the document, Word 2016 crashes. This happens in the Microsoft Installer (.msi)-based edition of Word 2016.
  • When you insert a document by insertFileFromBase64 on a computer that has the Microsoft Installer (.msi)-based edition of Word 2016, an extra paragraph is added at the end in addition to the content of the inserted document.
  • This update improves translations for the confirming dialog box that prompts when you delete a style in Dutch.

Office 2016 updates, August 2018

The other Office 2016 updates are:

KB4032234 — The update for Office 2016 fixes two chart related issues. The first fixes a chart related crash, the second a display issue where gridlines at the bottom are not displayed.

KB4032232 – Updates the Office 2016 Language Interface Pack for the changes in PowerPoint and OneNote also in the August 2018 updates.

KB4022216 – Update for OneNote 2016 that prevents distributed pages in a class notebook from being deleted by students and adds a confirmation dialog when teachers attempt to delete distributed pages.

KB4032238 – Update for Project 2016 that corrects a data loss issue when changing a local custom field’s lookup table, save it, and close and reopen the project.

Office 2013 updates, August 2018

KB3172506 – Update for Microsoft Office 2013 that fixes an update issue for new meeting locations when using the Rooms button or the Room Finder add-in.

KB4011155 and KB4022212 Update for Microsoft Office that installs the MT Extra font to enable support for math equations created with the Microsoft Equation Editor 3.0 which is no longer supported. Also updates the Segeo UI emoji font.

KB4022226 – Update for OneDrive for Business. OneDrive is capable of taking over relationships from OneDrive for Business. Also adds options to migrate synchronization from Groove.exe (OneDrive for Business) to OneDrive silently and automatically.

KB4018374 – Update for Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 adds capabilities to embed and play Vimeo videos and LinkedIn SlideShare, and YouTube’s old embed code.

KB4032250 – Skype for Business 2015 (Lync 2013) update.