The new Office 365 install rule is fantastic news for virtual machines

The Office 365 licensing change should let virtual machine users try out more test versions of Office than in the past.

From 1 October 2018, Office 365 customers can install Office on as many computers/devices as they like.

The licence limit switches to the number of Microsoft account logins from Office rather than the installs.

Virtual Machines

Virtual machines (VM) are often used by developers and testers to try out different computer and software configurations.  The Office install limit made it difficult to test Office in various configurations.

Virtual machine users (eg Hyper/V or VMWare Workstation) will be able to install Office on many VM’s.  You’ll can test Office, as long as only 5 of those machines are running with MS Office logins at any time.

Other Office installs, on other VM’s, can be turned off or suspended.

Make sure you’ve signed out of Office on VM’s you’re not currently using.  Remember to keep under the five simultaneous login limit.