Thinking of Office 2019? Try this money saving trick

If you’re thinking of buying the upcoming Office 2019, here’s a possible money saving trick to consider. Another interesting idea from Office Watch regular ‘Ron S.’.

Office 2019 is the next ‘perpetual licence’ fixed feature version of Microsoft Office.  Microsoft will release it later this year.  If you’re not interested in the annual payments, Office 365, option there’s a choice between buying an Office 2016 perpetual licence or waiting for Office 2019.

Fill in the months before Office 2019

Office 2019 will be released later this year, the exact date isn’t known and nor are the features. If you need Microsoft Office now, you might want some delaying tactics to fill in the months between now and when you can get Office 2019.

Here’s some options for filling in the gap until Office 2019:

  • Keep using whatever older Microsoft Office you have.
  • Use Office Online (the browser based version of Office) until Office 2019 is out.
  • If you have Windows 10, use the Office Mobile apps available from the Microsoft Store.
    • Keep in mind that Office 2019 will only work with Windows 10
  • Use one of the other, non-Microsoft, office suites.
  • Pay monthly for Office 365 Personal until Office 2019 is available.

Go monthly until Office 2019

The tricky option is to make use of the Office 365 Personal, monthly plan until Office 2019 comes out.

Office 365 Personal is a single licence plan available on a monthly basis for us$6.99 plus tax.

You could use that monthly option until Office 2019 is out, then decide if you want to buy it.

When the time comes, you’ll have to uninstall Office and reinstall Office 2019.

Or maybe you’ll decide that the Office 365 version of Office for Windows is better and switch to an annual Office 365 plan?