Microsoft wins Office patent battle with Corel

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A jury has found Corel guilty of six patent violations in it’s WordPerfect and QuattroPro products which have breached Microsoft Office related patents.

Yes, WordPerfect and QuattroPro are still out there!  We were surprised too.

The patents relate to the Office interface like the ribbon.  In WordPerfect, Corel even goes so far as to say there’s an option to “simulate the Microsoft Word workspace until you are accustomed to work in WordPerfect”.

The jury awarded a mere $278,000 to Microsoft. We say ‘mere’ because Microsoft’s it’s a few minutes worth of MSFT’s annual revenue. Microsoft wanted over a million dollars.

Naturally, the result has no effect on Microsoft Office users.  Maybe there’ll be changes in Corel’s products.

IPWatchdog has a summary. If you’re having trouble sleeping, read Microsoft’s submission or the final Minute Order and Trial Log..

*  Microsoft 2017 annual revenue was US$89,950,000,000 which is around $243 million a day, $10 million an hour or $169,000 a minute.

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