Apollo 11 events to download and add to a calendar

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Here’s a practical example of how to share an appointment or event with reminders using the iCalendar .ics standard.  Some Apollo 11 events ready to download and add to your calendar (in Outlook or other software).

Outlook supports .ics files and so does most other calendar programs.  They are small text files which have all the information about an appointment or event.

Normally, .ics files are sent via email. They can be sent by more secure means like instant messaging, document attachment, USB memory stick etc.  Beating Bots, Spies and Cockups explains all the different ways you can send files (big and small).

Apollo 11 events in .ics format

Here’s three downloads to use in your calendar.

All are saved in UTC/GMT time.  Outlook should display the event as local time as set on your computer.

The details and source of each event is also in the notes. A useful precaution against accidental tampering with the calendar item.

Apollo 11 LM on the moon

Apollo 11 LM landed on the moon.ics

One Small Step ….

The First Step also has a yearly reminder of the anniversary.

Armstrong set foot on the moon – Apollo 11.ics

Apollo 11 events calendar

A combined Apollo 11 events calendar has both the above events in one file Apollo Events Calendar.ics



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