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Bogus cheap Office 365 ads on Facebook

Ads for cheap, illegal or maybe non-existent versions of Office 365 appear all over the place, including Facebook. Just like similar offers on Ebay or Amazon they look great but can’t possibly be legitimate.

This one on Facebook mobile offers ‘Lifetime’ Office 365 for just $75.

Since a single year of Office 365 Home costs $100, do you really think a lifetime licence can be legally priced at $75?

There’s NO Office 365 lifetime plans, they are all monthly or yearly.

It’s not entirely clear what they are selling.  Sometimes it’s just a vague ‘Office 365′ without specifying which plan. Some images refer to “Office 365 ProPlus’ which is an annual plan product with no ‘lifetime’ option possible.

See our guide to checking what you buy from Amazon or Ebay  from any source and What to do if you buy illegal software.


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