Word Booklet printing woes after January 2019 updates

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Many Word users are reporting Booklet printing options after the January 2019 updates to Office.  No word from Microsoft but we have some suggested workarounds.

All sorts of problems are being reported, mostly missing or blank pages in a booklet.

The best workaround is using Adobe Reader which also has a Booklet printing feature with one key difference – it works!

Microsoft’s Response

Microsoft is doing their usual thing and saying nothing.  The company is quite happy to let customers waste time, money and effort without any help or guidance.

That works for Microsoft because saying nothing about the bug reduces the bad publicity.

Microsoft forums have various posts about the problem which is an example of how the company tries to defer blame.  Some forum members give helpful advice – either moving the document to Publisher or using booklet printing in Adobe Reader.

Meantime Microsoft’s own forum staff waste customers time with irrelevant questions aimed at deflecting blame away from Microsoft.


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