Civilization comes to Excel … as a game

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The famous game, Civilization, has been impressively recreated in Excel as Solly’s Cellivization.

Civilization was an early computer game that started in 1991 for MS-DOS and has undergone many reincarnations for Windows, Mac and gaming devices now almost forgotten.  Here it is in Microsoft Excel …

civilization comes to excel as a game microsoft office 30870 - Civilization comes to Excel … as a game

Even with the power of modern computers and Excel, making a version of the game is no mean feat.

You can download Cellivization from there’s instructions for game play.

There are no specific versions of Excel listed as compatible.  The download is a binary .xlsb file.

Give it a try and if you like it, remember to vote for Solly in the OLC Codejam 2019.

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