Do you have Dynamic Arrays in Excel 365?

It’s quite easy to tell if your Excel 365 has the new Dynamic Arrays. No need to setup a table and use the new feature – just three keypresses are enough.

Some people are reporting that they have the right Excel 365 but with no dynamic arrays. Checking the program/app version is possible, see below.

Dynamic Arrays are important but not obvious. There are no new buttons on the ribbon.

Instead try to type one of the new Dynamic Array functions. Open Excel 365 (Windows, Mac, Apple, Android, Aardvark <g>) and in any empty cell start typing :


After typing the first three characters, autocomplete will show any available functions.

If dynamic arrays are available both Sort() and Sortby() will be offered as suggestions.

Simple as that.

If you want to test a complete function, choose an empty cell with empty cells below it.


Will sort the first ten cells in Col A, no matter what they are.  The results don’t matter, as long as Sort() works.

Another simple dynamic array test is


Which inserts random numbers, 5 rows down 1 column.

Which Excel 365 versions have dynamic arrays?

According to Microsoft these are the first Excel 365 versions which have Dynamic Arrays.

Excel 365 for Windows – v 1907 build 11901.20176

However there are many reports that version of Excel 365 for Windows does not have Dynamic Arrays despite what Microsoft says.

Excel 365 for Mac – v 16.27.19071500

Excel 365 for Apple iOS  iPhone/iPad – 2.27 (19070901)

Excel 365 for Android – v 16.0.11901.20110

Excel 365 for Windows Mobile – v 16.11901.20062

Only Excel Online doesn’t support dynamic arrays .., or just ‘Excel’ as we’re supposed to call it now.