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Office for Mere Mortals helps people around the world get more from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Delivered once a week. free. reader Jeffrey J. offers this look at an add-on that fixes some limitations in the Word/Excel/Outlook mail merge system.

“ Outlook email merge function does not allow multiple To line addressees, nor allows creating any cc or bcc addressees. And you cannot customize the Subject line. Manually adding/modifying each required email is labor intensive. is a low cost, easy to use Add On to enhance creating emails wherein you can vary the number of addressees you add to the CC and BCC fields as well as customizing the Subject line and even attachments for each email automatically.

The ‘template’ is a Word document with [[tags]] (like Word’s mail merge fields) for each column in an Excel worksheet.

These can include columns/tags for Subject, CC and BCC, Priority (Normal/High) and attachments which Word mail merge doesn’t support.


A corporation I was advising had a requirement to send out emails to a group of associates (with cc’s and customized Subject Line) advising of action to be taken on existing customer related activity. The data was extracted from an existing system using MS-Access and downloaded to MS-Excel for use in the Outlook mail merge function. was used to complete the entire email merge task in minutes.

The labor-saving costs were significant for this and several similar notifications with a return on investment of less than 8 hours. The entire corporation could also utilize since an enterprise license was purchased. “

A free demo as well as current pricing is available at:

Thanks to Jeffrey for sharing his experience.  We love to hear from our readers experiences / independent reviews of Microsoft Office related products

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