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Latest changes to Windows 10 available now

The latest update to Windows 10 is out now and so is our companion book Windows 10 November 2019 for Microsoft Office users.

Somewhat chastened by past troubles, the November 2019 update is being deployed in a much more cautious way. Microsoft is giving customers a choice about when to update Windows 10 to the November 2019 release.

Instead of forcing a major update on users, it will appear as an option on the Windows Update screen. Unfortunately they use a different name for the update than they do elsewhere.

Feature update to Windows 10, version 1909 is the November 2019 update.

Click ‘Download and install now’ to get the update.  The November 2019 update is relatively small. Eventually the major update is automatically applied, but only when support for the installed version runs out.

Windows 10 for Microsoft Office users has just been updated with details on the new update options and what’s new and changed in the November 2019 update.  Now over 1,000 pages and 40 chapters of in-depth help and tips for all Windows 10 users.

It’s available today for just $12.95, a $7.00 discount for Office Watch readers (that’s you).

Past purchasers of the book get their usual free update. Go to your online account to download a complete replacement ebook.

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