Make Reddit look like Outlook

If you like Reddit but want to hide it from your boss, co-workers, partner etc then we’ve got a web site for you.  It makes Reddit look like Outlook Web Access (aka OWA).

Go to or

There’s a web page with the latest Reddit posts in the familiar form of Microsoft Outlook.

The ribbon and buttons are almost all for show, they don’t do anything.  Same with the Favorites and Outlook Data File parts on the left.

The Inbox ‘folders’ take you to various parts of Reddit: Front Page, gaming, pix and ask reddit.

Add a sub-reddit to that list from the New Email button on the ribbon.

For more details on the features in the current release check out this video

Retro Outlook 2007 with Reddit

Head over here for the same thing with an older pre-ribbon look.Outlook.

The designers intention is for people to host their own version of this site.  The source code is available at Github.

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